Exam Info – June 2018

exam schedule


Morning Exam                                                        Afternoon Exam

9:00     Start time                                                        12:30   Start Time

10:30   First Dismissal                                               2:00    First Dismissal

11:30   End time NO EXTENSIONS                          3:00    End time NO EXTENSIONS


All students are expected to write examinations as scheduled.

If a student is absent, the parent or guardian must phone the school BEFORE the examination is scheduled to be written.

The day the student returns to school, he (she) must make arrangements with the office to write the missed examination(s).  Failure to do so could result in the student receiving no credit in the subject.

A medical certificate will be required if a student misses a final exam.


The Library and Corridors will be designated as SILENT areas during exams.

The Library will be available as a supervised study area.  If students are in the building during exams but are not writing an exam, then they are to be in the Library or the Cafeteria.  K-9 classes will still be in session throughout the exam schedule so please limit travel in the building and be vigilant regarding noise levels. 


If school is delayed an hour, both examinations will be written on that day with a shortened lunch hour.

If school is cancelled for the day, the examinations that are to be written on that particular day will be written the following day.  This means that the remainder of the exam schedule is moved forward one day.


A student failing to pass in all major assignments in a subject area will receive an INCOMPLETE in that subject. All major assignments must be submitted by Friday, June 1st, 2018.  This includes any outstanding major assignments.


Textbooks should be collected just prior to the exam being written or immediately after the exam if textbooks are allowed during the examination.  Subject teachers should ensure that they have an accurate list of lost texts during the examination period.



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