Early Dismissal

Due to the predicted forecast, school will be closing early today.

Buses will depart at 12:00.


Update: School Closed to Students, Friday November 2nd

Good evening,

I wanted to update you on how our school is dealing with a Norwalk–like virus.  We have been working closely with the office of Environmental Health and have been following their procedures on how to clean our school.  As you know, our school is not only beautiful, but also very big.  As such, we are having difficulty meeting the requirements for proper sanitizing before school opens tomorrow.

So, it makes good sense to keep our building closed to students tomorrow.  This will allow us to work through the day to ensure our building meets the requirements for cleaning surfaces.  Our bus drivers will also bring in their bus to be sanitized tomorrow.  We fully anticipate classes will resume regularly on Monday.

We will update our website by noon Sunday to confirm our status for Monday.

Anna MacKenzie, Principal
Souris Regional School

Legalization of Cannabis – A Note to Parents

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The legalization of Cannabis in Canada raises a lot of questions for you and your child. There are important and difficult questions that parents might be struggling with or wondering about like, how is this going to affect my child and what should I do?  The best approach is for you to educate yourself on the realities of cannabis and then be open to listening and talking to your child.

Being under the influence of cannabis, possessing, using and or distributing cannabis at school, school activities, or on a school bus is strictly prohibited by the Public Schools Branch.  Failure to comply will involve school discipline and law enforcement.  The rules around cannabis, alcohol and other drugs at school can be found in the Public Schools Branch Alcohol and Drugs policy and procedure.


The Government of Canada and other reputable organizations have developed resources to help us become knowledgeable about cannabis and to support our conversations with our children about cannabis. Here are links to several of these resources:

Federal Government Web Site – Cannabis In Canada – https://www.canada.ca/en/services/health/campaigns/cannabis.html
Provincial Government Web Site – Just the Facts – https://www.justthefactspei.ca/
Drug Free Kids Canada – Cannabis Talk Kit – https://www.drugfreekidscanada.org/prevention/drug-info/cannabis/
Teenmentalhealth.org – Cannabis Information – http://teenmentalhealth.org/cannabis/

The school has a role to play too.  Our grades 7-9 classes were presented the “Just the Facts” information and the grades 10-12 classes had a Cannabis Information presentation from Cnst Hugh Panelas, RCMP.   In addition, the curriculum being delivered to your child is designed, at an age appropriate level, to promote healthy behaviours, increase awareness and provide an understanding about the risk factors associated with alcohol and drug use.  If a student or parent is concerned about a student’s alcohol or drug use, please contact the school counselor or school administration for information about school and community support services.

Yearbook Sales

Late orders for the 2018-2019 Yearbook can be placed with Mr. MacAulay any day at noon time or at break (NOT during class time, please!). Prices are the same as last year: $35 for non-personalized books and $38 for personalized. If you wish to order online, use this link:  http://ybstore.friesens.com/stores/330345.   Please order your yearbook now to avoid disappointment in June!

If you want to order a book but don’t have the money right now, please see Mr. MacAulay and sign the sheet on the door of Room 241 …but the order will NOT be placed for you until payment is received.

School Therapy Occupational Therapy (OT) Program

School Therapy Occupational Therapy (OT) Program

Hi everyone!  I would like to introduce myself and the School Therapy Occupational Therapy (OT) Program.  My name is Colleen MacPherson and I am very excited to be working at your child’s school for the 2018-2019 school year.  I will be at Souris Regional School once a month beginning October 11th.

Occupational Therapists work with children of all ages and know a lot about children’s development in the areas of: fine motor, gross motor and visual motor, sensory processing and environmental set-up.  The focus of the service will be working together classroom teachers and school staff in promoting children’s motor and sensory development to assist children in achieving their learning goals and successfully participating in school.  I will be spending time in classrooms, gym and music, the playground and in small group settings offering guidance, suggestions, and tips.

Feel free to contact me or the school if you have any questions. I can be contacted at the school or at cgmacpherson@ihis.org. I look forward to a wonderful school year working together with school staff, students, and you as parents!