Souris Regional School Staff (2017-2018)

(staff names that become underlined when you place your mouse on them will lead you to their own webpage when you click on them)


Sharon McIntosh                             Principal

Ann Marie MacDonald                   Vice Principal

Lynne MacPhee                               Vice Principal


Karen Aucoin-Smith                        Grades 10-12,   Athletic Director

Koren Chaisson                                 Grade K/1

Darren Chaisson                               Instrumental Band Grades 7-12

Sara Chaisson                                    Grade 9

Jenna Connolly                                 Grade 6

Louise Deagle                                    Grade 5

Vicki Flynn                                          Librarian, Grade 4

Natalie Garrett                                  PEd Grades K-2, Grade 4

Krista Kelly-Fraser                            Grade 3

Larry LeBlanc                                    Alt. Education

Chris MacAulay                                 Grades 10-12

Chrissy MacAulay                             Grade 5

Dean MacDonald                             Grades 7-9

Krista MacDonald                             Grades 10-12

Michelle MacDonald                       Grades 9-12

Paul MacDonald                               Grades 8

Randy MacIntyre                             PEd Grades 7-12

Suzanne MacIntyre                         Grade 4

Wendy MacLaren                            Grade 1

Melissa MacRae                               Music Grades K-6

Krystal Mills                                        Art Grades 8-12, Grade 9

Quinn Mills                                         Grade 2

Karen Mullally                                   Grade 3

Cathy O’Keefe                                  Grade K

Krista O’Neill                                      Grades 10-12

Nathan Paton                                    Grade 12

Kevin Peters                                      Automotive

Ilse Peters-Ching                              Grade 7

Karen Power                                      Grades 10-12

Debbie Rodgers                                Grade 1/2

Tara Stewart                                      Grades 4-6

Graham Townshend                       PEd Grades 3-6, Industrial Arts Gr 7-9, Carpentry

Pam Whalen                                      Grade 7, Home Economics/Foods

Eric Wood                                            Welding


Bethany Boudreault                       Resource

Morgan Byng                                     Resource

Dawn Ching                                        Reading Recovery

Leona Jackson-Deveau                  Counselor

Alana MacGregor-Harris               Counselor

Doug Martin                                       Resource

Carla Richards                                    Resource

Irene Sanderson                              Resource


Marilyn Dunphy                              Educational Assistant

Judy Hanlon                                       Educational Assistant

Carolyn MacPhee                            Educational Assistant

Laura MacDonald                             Educational Assistant

Judy Mooney                                    Educational Assistant

Colleen Peters                                  Educational Assistant

Janice Robertson                             Educational Assistant

Andrea Garlick                                  Workplace Assistant

Mike Trainor                                      Youth Service Worker



Lori Sanderson                                  Administrative Assistant

Tracy Schurman                               Administrative Assistant

Norman McIntosh                           Custodian

Martin MacIntyre                            Custodian

Tena Creamer                                   Cleaner

Olivia MacLean                                  Cleaner

Colleen McCormack                        Cleaner

Cherie Montgomery                       Cleaner

Dave Gray                                           Cleaner

Nicole Jennings                                 Cafeteria



George Banks                                    484

Shawn Laybolt                                   488

Vernon Garrett                                 409

David Mahar                                       456

Sandra Mahar                                     457

Donald MacCormac                          468

Doug Morrow                                     491

Michael O’Connor                            443




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